Installing dracOs 2.1 on Hard Disk

Installing dracOs 2.1 on Hard Disk

In this guide we can install dracOs with live session or direct install, the different only when you want install dracOs from live session like other linux distribution you must type dracOs2hd on terminal, before or after login desktop session.

For login dracOs live :
user : root
pass : toor
In live session if you want to install dracOs like other distribution you can type dracos2hd before or after login desktop session with type startx.

This is the first appearance in the installation of dracOs.

1. Set time zone, we just picked the number. For example : 4.Asia - 15.Indonesia - 1. Java & Sumatra - 1.Yes.

2. You can use default password or change the root password. For example I try to change the root password it will look like this.

3. After set time zone and root password, now set the partition using cfdisk or fdisk.

Select the drive /dev/sda.

Choose cfdisk because fdisk not recommended for newbies, it’s hard to setup the partition. If you have clean disk, you can format to gpt why? Because gpt partition could create more partitions than mbr.

Set root partition to 20 Gb or 15 Gb (minimal requirement), and swap 1 Gb. Don’t forget to change type of swap partition to Linux swap. If you dualboot, the steps is same but you must be careful on select the device. After fcompletion of the partitioning, select write and type yes.

4. After setup partition, dracOs installer will detect the linux partition to install system.

5. Now, installer will copy the system to root partition, wait until the installation finish.

6. After copying the system, installer will install grub to your disk. Wait until grub successfully installed, and reboot your system.

dracOs Succesfully Installed!

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